What is Bravery Work?


Bravery is needed to meet the challenges of creating change in every one of our lives, at work & personally.

We understand the culture shift needed to embrace self-directed support requires less fear and more guts. Everyday life is scary and risky, often leaving us feeling low in confidence and terrified to try anything out with what’s comfortable.

Change can bring real growth and alive-ness, but takes courage. Our Bravery coaching offers social care staff individual, safe support over the phone from an independent coach. This brave space helps to build confidence and trust, whilst positively changing behaviours that impact on culture, mindset and power.

Staff who are leading on Self Directed Support implementation at a time of daily change describe how the Bravery coaching further supports them to step forward as braver leaders alongside their Brave the Day leadership lunches.
Brave the Day Leadership Lunches
Bravery Coaching


" Through the BTD I've been learning how to trust my inner self leader. Also how important it is to continually check where I am? I realised this is not something we do that often in social care.  If we don't know where we are then we can easily get off our bearing and get sidetracked. I see this a lot with funding and fire fighting. We lose focus easily. The exercise where Colin got us all to pick and hold a  real compass was powerful. It really helped me visualise what I need to practise..."

A Brave the Day Participant - Aug 03, 2017

"... a great exercise to establish our personal values..."

A Brave the Day Participant - Aug 10, 2017

..I love using my journal. I realise the magic happens outwith the room and between sessions, it's then I really take stock of what I'm learning and practicing...

Brave the Day Leadership Lunch Participant - Aug 19, 2017

"The Mungo Foundation are very much aware of the impact that BRAVE the Day and the Bravery coaching approach has been having on our managers with increased awareness, autonomous leadership and creativity. ...we've welcomed the opportunity to help our staff be better equipped in responding to the demands of SDS and creatively meeting individuals’ needs. There's been increased self reporting amongst our staff re: confidence, self awareness and decision making. It's encouraged other staff to voluntarily ask for BRAVE the Day and coaching. It's a positive change in helping to join up and implement SDS across the organisation."

The Mungo Foundation