What is Brave the Day?

Self-directed support
The current frightening, scarcity culture means staff and those requiring additional supports now require more than ever to lean into their bravery if co-produced choices, that reflect what people need and want, are to be fully realised.
In the past 2 years, we have facilitated conversations and listened to over 500 social care staff who are charged with implementing a greater person centred, outcomes focused approach to their practice in support of greater creation and take up of Self-directed Support options.

We have witnessed peoples’ stress, distress, discomfort with change, feelings of isolation and personal impact of working within or accessing personalised support.

We have heard their daily challenges and fears. We asked what they felt could help them create a healthier, braver culture.
They asked for was a space that was safe and allowed them to 'take a breath' in their day.

A space to acknowledge their unexpressed emotions and daily survival, a place to harness their personal resilience, build greater confidence and guts in themselves as leaders and a place to practice their creativity and ideas exchange.

A place where people can experiment and practice stretching into the unfamiliar. See the world differently to consider other perspectives and ideas that could serve greater alternative supports and relationships.
In response, we created the Brave The Day leadership lunch programme. 5-week Brave The Day leadership lunch programme.
This programme is for staff who are charged with leading Self-directed Support, within social care organisations. It  focuses on exploring and acknowledging their

BRAVE =Behaviour, Relationships, Attitudes, Values, Emotions + Environment

5 lunches, each lasting 3 hrs (total 15 hrs).
All attendees receive a Brave the Day Continuing Professional Development certificate of attendance for their records.
Learning Outcomes:

Discover your Values and strengths See beyond your professional/social identity Differentiate between your most powerful self and your inner critic Start to explore your self-limiting beliefs Experience how to be with your emotions and learn from them Gain simple tools for responding in a kinder, more self-compassionate way Improve your emotional wellbeing Raise your consciousness to honour your braver, inner leader; and Strengthen individual and group/team resilience.