We have mixed up our approach during Brave the Day lunches to ensure it is truly experiential and NOT traditional training.This allows staff to experience themselves and others in a deeper and more creative way.

We use guided visualisation, group work, discussions, picture cards, strength cards,

Here’s some examples of what we use to unleash unlearning, help to stretch imagination, ideas  and creativity with Brave the Day attendees…and some of their comments too!

Every participant receives a Brave the Day blank journal at the start of the programme to capture their own learning, ideas and thoughts as they progress through each session.

” ..I love using my journal. I realise the magic happens outwith the room and between sessions, it’s then I really take stock of what I’m learning and practicing…”


Through the BTD I’ve been learning how to trust my inner self leader. Also how important it is to continually check where I am? I realised this is not something we do that often in social care.  If we don’t know where we are then we can easily get off our bearing and get sidetracked. I see this alot with funding and fire fighting. We lose focus easily. The exercise where Colin got us all to pick and hold a  real compass was powerful. It really helped me visualise what I need to practise…”

” a great exercise to establish our personal values



” compassion”